Gigs in Glasgow

As every music industry insider knows, gigs in Glasgow are the artist's favourite. We love our drink, we love to party, but most of all, Glaswegians love their music. Glasgow gigs are among the best in the UK, which is no surprise considering the hotbed of musical talent that this city is. From Altered Images to Amy Macdonald, Arab Strap to the Average White Band, this gritty city has bred an amazing line-up of talent and continues to do so. A host of interesting venues and dedicated promoters keep gigs in Glasgow at the forefront of musical creativity.

We don't always get the sunshine, but we've always got a song in our hearts. Come rain, snow or shine, gigs in Glasgow are at the top of the list for the music lover in search of a good night out. And there are plenty on offer. Remember Simple Minds, Del Amitri and The Blue Nile? They were all born and bred in the city. Concerts come in all shapes and sizes in this city – from pop and rock performers to novelty acts and tribute bands. And the fans are just as diverse. But what sort of gig-goer are you?

There are venues created especially for the moody, introverted type, dressed in black from the spiked dyed hair to the scuffed Doc Marten boots, shuffling around in a dark corner with a pint of cider and blackcurrant - you know who you are. Then there are venues catering for up and coming bands and bands on the verge of the big-time, 300 capacity spaces perfect for those on a comeback tour or who are still working their way up to a larger Glasgow gig venue.

People who are passionate about pop are well catered for too. Audiences are renowned for belting out the lyrics that have seeped into the nation's collective musical consciousness. From tiny to tots to mums, dads and grandparents, these are the popsters who make gigs in Glasgow a family affair.

Glasgow also has a well-established electronic music scene, housing some of the UK's most seminal club nights. From small, dark clubs to vast cavernous venues, Glasgow clubbers are never short of a dance space to hear their favourite DJ play a gig in Glasgow. The city also boasts a vibrant Indie scene. With bands such as Belle and Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand cutting their teeth in venues by the River Clyde, young bands have plenty of inspiration. And when the stage bursts into a frenzy of light and the band strike the first chord, normally shy, retiring types have been known to tear off their jerseys and jump onto the shoulders of friends, shouting the words, Lulu style.

But whatever type of live music fan you are, you will not be dissatisfied by the range of Glasgow gigs that are just a call or a click away. Prepare for some super sounds as the city plays hosts to a few of the best bands around. The success of every gig in Glasgow is down to the atmosphere – and that is down to the fans. Gigs in Glasgow are coming thick and fast with every Glasgow gig venue getting involved. From those intimate spaces that give fans the chance to see their heroes up close and personal, to those incredible, awe-inspiring arena events.

For those who prefer their music with less roar, more soul, there are Northern Soul gigs, Motown nights, reggae and ska shows, dub step and Grime nights. Glasgow's music scene really has it all. But remember gig goers; you must act quickly to avoid disappointment. Check early for availability and snap up those tickets - before it is too late.